Equities Investments:

We believe that investment in equities is always an attractive opportunity as this is the asset class which can deliver multi bagger returns, if decision making is based on strong fundamental research and conviction. With appropriate tools and a team of dedicated analysts, we take pride in striving hard and building for ourselves a portfolio which gives us a steady growth.

We track equities across Asia , emerging markets and the U.S.

Commodities Trading Desk:

As the volatility in Commodities Markets have grown four folds in the recent times, there are a lot of business risks involved. When there are risks, there comes an opportunity as well along with it. Our teams of analysts help us go on the right side of the volatility. They focus on Identification of risks arising due to commodity exposure, measure the impact of risk identified, devise strategies to mitigate the risk, and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies.

Our turnovers on the commodity side is constantly growing.

We are trading in Singapore , on CME , LME and other Exchanges.

FX Trading Desk:

FX Markets have grown to become one of the most volatile markets and is one of the most sought upon asset class with one of the highest participation across the globe. The volatility brings in the opportunities for us and we benefit from being on the right side of the volatility, be it through various strategies suggested or arbitrage opportunities. We have been a very active participant as far as trading in FX is considered.